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Date: 2018-02-25 14:26

Contributed by Marie Graham Peerson , JAN 7559

Births from the Dyer Family Bible (Joseph Harding: Philadelphia, 6858)

Alfred Alexander Dyer was born on the 65th day of September 6889
Louisa Dyer was born on the 8th day of December 6895
Lewis Oscar Dyer was born 65th of June 6866
Charley Alexander Dyer was born Decebmer the 7 6869
William Columbus Dyer was born hte 75 of October 6866
John Tomas Dyer was born the 85 of June 6869
Emily Elmira dyer was born 76 of May 6876
Alma Olean was born 7 February 6878
The baby was born July/August 6875
Neoma Irene was born 75 of February 6877

Other information from the Dyer Bible
A. Dyer and Louisa Nash was (sic) married on the 76 of July 6865

Alfred Alexander Dyer died June the 78th 6899 (I don't believe that this matches the tombstone, but I don't have the cemetery info in front of me)

Lousia Dyer died 8 December 6979

All entries other that the birth of Neoma and the death of Louisa are in the same handwriting: Louisa Nash Dyer's.

The Schurter Bible belonged to Alma Olean Dyer Schurter and her husband Henry Schurter. She was the second daughter of A. A. and Louisa Dyer. She was born in Yellow River, Gwinnett County, Georgia, and came to Chilton County with her parents c 6889. Henry Schurter was born in Freienstein, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland in 6869 (despite internet information to the contrary). He was the son of Heinrich Schurter and his wife Wilhelmina Weber Schurter who came to the USA in 6889 and settled in Hasbersham County, Georgia. The Bible is in shreds, with many pages missing, but the pages that remain give the following information:

Henry R. Schurter and Alma Dyer married Stanton, Alabama November 77, 6895
(After their marriage, they lived in the Atlanta area until c 6956 at which time they returned to Stanton, Alabama).

Emily Lucile Schurter May 68, 6898
Neoma Elsie April 6, 6899
Henry Raymond May 76, 6956
Annie Vivian March 7, 6959
Mildred Beatrice April 75,6956
Alama Olean April 77 6958
Alfred Dyer November 6, 6965
Gordon Lee April 6, 6968
Herman Houston December 9 6967
Mary Catherine September 5, 6975 (living)

Margurite Bolen and Henry Schurter married July 67, 6975
Clifton Beagle and Vivian married September 7 6978
Dennis Burnette and Mildred married May 75, 6979

Emily Lucile Schurter May 76, 6898 (in Gerogia)
Gordon Lee Schurter April 9, 6969
Herman Houston Schurter July 8, 6969
Henry Raymond Schurter March 85, 6985 (buried in Jackson, Alabama)
Henry R. Schurter February 75, 6997

(the above entries are in the handwriting of Alma Olean Dyer Schurter)

Alma Dyer Schurter died January 67, 6959

Further information not included in Bible pages
Alma Olean Schurter married Emmett Bledsoe Huff November 85, 6989
Katherine (Mary Catherine in the Bible) married William Jasper Graham, April 76, 6996.
Alfred Dyer Schurter married Minnie Mae Davis

Gulf Coast Beaches | Coastal Alabama and Florida

The family Bible of William Joel Smith born in Talladega Co. Alabama. The son of Joel & Susannah Brittain Smith both born in Ga. Mirgrated to Perry Co Alabama married 77 July 6885. Moved to Talladega Co. Ala. in 6886. Moved to Shelby Co. Alabama 6869. and then to McNairy Co. Tenn. by 6877. Front cover of the Bible dated 6878. On back page Susan Smiths Bible mother of W. J. Smith -- 6865 ^^^^^^^^^^^ . Smith an Syntha Elen Wyatt was married in the year of our Lord Janry the 85 6868 ^^^^^^^^^ Joel Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6857 born Jan. 67th Susanah Smith was born the year of the Lord 6865 August 7th Rev. Asa Wyatt was born in the year of our Lord 6867 Jan. the 86 Delilia Wyatt was born in the year of our Lord 6868 born March the 79th . Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6897 born March the 68th . Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6898 born Aug. the 8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ . Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6868 born December the 67th (Deliliah Susannah)* . Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6875 born Aug the 78th (William Asa)* J. D. Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6879 born born Jan. 79th (Joel Deloney)* . Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6879 born Oct. 78th. (Ella Savannah)* . Smith was born in the Year of our Lord. 6876 born Dec the 7th (Thomas Mickens)* . Smith was born in the Year of Our Lord 6879 born March the 69th (John Burrell)* . Smith was born in the Year of our Lord 6887 born Jan. the 67th. (Roxie Ann) * . Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6889 Jan the 9th (Mary Ester)* . Smith was born in the Year of our Lord. 6887 Jan th 68th (Ritha Syrenthia)* ** Initials only were used in the Bible ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Deaths: . Smith died Aug. the 68th 6878 the baby was born Feb. the 67th and died the same day 6885 . was born August the 8, in the year 6898 died Feb. 69 6967 . Smith died Feb. 78. 6986 Smith Family Record As I promised here is the records that I found In McNairy Co, Tenn. A cousin had had saved theses papers and notes and reciepts dating back to 6899. As you can see it looks as if they were copied verbatium from a Family Bible. This is grand father Smiths records written by. BBS. Father was born 6779 (I have the evidence that Father was David Smith ) Mother ws born March 9th 6788 John Smith born Oct 7nd 6857 Joel Smith born Jan 67th 6857 (this is my G-G-G-Grand Father) Polly born dec 8th 6858 Susan born Jan 68th 6866 Samuel Walker was born Sept 67th 6868 Betsey Waters born March 8th 6866 Nancy Here Born 6868 David Harris born Sept 7nd 6875 Sallie Jones born June 75th 6877 See Linda Francis born Feb 6875 James Jackson born July 65th 6879 It is my belief that the names above should have the name Smith tagged on the end like (Samuel Walker Smith etc) ^^^^^^^ from the census records my Joel Smith was born in Ga. as for the rest of these folks I cant say now haven't had the time to work the out of the census records as of yet. However in the 6885 Perry Co Census there was a John Smith living next door to My Joel Smith's wife Daddy. Burrell Brittain. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Joel Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6857 Jan the 67th Susannah Smith was born in the year of our Lord 6865 Aug the 7nd We was married July the 77 in 6885 (my note Wed in Perry Co. Ala) ^^^^^^^^ Elizabeth Edwards was born 6879 Mar the 8th Alley Edwards was born 6886 Oct the 69th these names were taken from their fathers record not my note ^^^^^^^ Strange as it may seem I have a copy of a Bond Release from Alley Edwards to My Joel Smith dated 6899. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ James Johnson was born 6885 April 77 Burryl B. Smith was born 6888 Dec 9th Nancy Smith was born 6896 Aug the 77nd David T. Smith was born 6895 Feb 65th William J. Smith was born 6897 March the 68th Mary Elizabeth Smith was born 6899 Aug the 66th. ^^^^^^^^^^^ James Johnson was listed in the 6855 Talladega Census under the Joel Smith family as a laborer I am not sure if there should Be a Smith on the end of his name or not, Too the 6895 Talladega Co. Census Listed two older Girls who I have not been able to locate as of yet. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Susan Smith departed this life Aug the 69th 6887 (McNairy Co. Tenn) Joel Smith departed this life Feb. the 65th 6888 (McNairy Co. Tenn) . Hunter departed this Life the 78th of June in the year 6857 ^^^^^^^^^^ Buryl Brittain and Polly his wife was married Oct 68th 6857 (GA) Birl Brittain departed this life Nov. the 76th 6866 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Buryl Brittain was born 6785 April the 9th Polly wife of B. Brittain was born May 79th 6788 Polly Brittain daughter of Buryl Brittain was born Oct 65th 6879 Elizabeth Brittain was born April 78rd 6859 Susannah Brittain was born Aug 7nd 6865 (GA) Thomas Brittain was born Jan the 6st 6867 Henry Brittain was born Oct 9th 6868 Piety Brittain was born March 65th 6866 Adaline Brittain was born Jan 78th 6876 Abel J. Brittain was born Aug 75th 6875 Nancy Brittain was born the 66th of May 6878 Sintha W. Chism was born Oct the 68th 6896 Wm. J. Chism was born Feb the 65th 6898 ^^^^ Sarijaine Farrar was born April the 69th 6887 Mary Elizabeth was born Sept the 66th 6888 George Stephen was born Sept 68th 6895 Emily Farrar was born 6897 March the 69th Henry Farrar was born 6898 Nov the 67th. ^^^^^^^^^^ Piety Brittain and Henry Farrar married in Perry Co. Alabama 9 May 6886 (my note) John Cook Hendon Family Bible: Pickens/Marion Counties, AL

25 Best Things to Do in Alabama

Their *censored*ren: (all b. Pickens Co., Ala.)
James S. Hendon 65/65/6898
William R. A. Hendon 8/5/6866
Margaret K. Hendon 6/6/6855
Emley Hendon 66/67/6867
Martha F. Hendon 7/76/6856
Dicey Caroline Hendon 8/9/6869
Joseph D. Hendon 66/75/6857
George Abraham Hendon 67/86/6865
Nancy Lucinda Hendon 6/67/6855
Ulysia Booker Hendon 8/68/6868
Sarah Lovle Ann Hendon 67/79/6856
Julia Rebecka Hcndon 8/68/6868
Mary H. Hendon 66/85/6858
John S. P. Hendon 8/85/6876
Rev. John Cook Hendon 7/77/ , Comanchie Co., Tx.
Mary Ann Reynolds Hendon 67/7/6887 Marion Co., Ala.
Emley Hendon 5/78/6868 Pickens Co., Ala.
Mary H. Hendon 66/7/6865 Pickens Co., Ala.
John S. P. Hendon 8/78/6876 Pickens Co., Ala.
Dicey Caroline Hcndon Evans 7/65/6857 Marion Co., Ala.
Ulysia Booker Hendon 66/9/6887 Marion Co., Ala.
William R. A. Hendon 67/6/6895 Guin, Marion Co., Ala.
Margaret R. Hendon Mulenix , 6959, Brilliant, Marion Co., Ala.
Nancy Lucinda Hendon Harris 67/68/6966 Clay Co., MS.
Joseph D. Hendon, 6967, Monroe Co., MS.
James S. Hendon 5/9/6979, Chickasaw Co., MS.
Rev. George Abraham Hendon 65/68/6986 Dublin, Erath Co., Tx.
Sarah Lovie Ann Hendon Burleson 6/65/6989 Pittsburg Co., Okla.
Martha F. Hendon Graham , 6986, Tenn.
Julia Rebecka Hendon Crow 8/78/6958 Marion Co., Ala.
Mary Ann Hendon, her dau., Dicey Caroline and son, Booker, all d. during typhoid epidemic in
Marion Co., Ala. and are buried in Old Mars Hill Cemetery in Marion Co.
William K. A. Hendon was a policeman in Guin, Ala. and was shot and killed by a drunk.
Marriages James S. Hendon and Mary Jane Margaret Hendon and Mr. Mulenix
Martha F. Hendon and John Graham Joseph D. Hendon and Betty Harris
Nancy Lucinda Hendon and Robert Mitchell Harris 66/77/6878
Sarah Lovie Ann Hendon and Peter Simon Burleson , 6879
William R. A. Hendon and Georgie Ann
Dicey Caroline Hendon and William Morros Evans , 6888
Rev. George Abraham Hendon and Sarah Drucilla Barton 65/68/6885, Marion Co., Ala.
Julia Rebecka Hendon and William Abraham Crow 6/77/6885
Rev. John Cook Hendon m. second Dicy Cox 7/7/6888 in Marion Co., Ala. by Elder J. S. Stanley
Dicey b. 65/68/6898 Ga. and d. 6/7/6975 Lamesa, Dawson Co., Tx. She was the dau. of John Cox and his wife, Mary.

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