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Date: 2018-02-18 14:26

Beautycounter doesn 8767 t claim to be all natural. They claim to be 8775 safer 8776 . They claim to be doing the best they can with the information available. BC is lobbying for stricter health protective laws in Washington, so you better believe that their T 8767 s are crossed and I 8767 s are dotted. They have Mia Davis who is head of health and safety (she is the one who got BPA 8767 s out of baby bottles). She and her team have done many tests on Phenoxyehtnol and between that and the research they have done with the info available there are no known negative health impacts associated with that preservative. By law (and there aren 8767 t too many), any product containing water must have a preservative in it. It 8767 s the law. If a company claims their product is all natural and it contains aloe or other water based ingredients they are lying. Beautycounter is doing the best they can and they are the more trusted beauty brands. If you are looking for all natural use coconut oil and leave it at that.
Honest Company is not deceitful either. They too are among the more trusted brands out there. The last mishap actually is an issue in the industry as a whole. It 8767 s infortunate they were lied to. I wouldn 8767 t discount them though. They are the good guys too.
Many consultants might be spewing info they are hearing, but many aren 8767 t. You 8767 ll find that with every single job out there. Good and bad. But don 8767 t generalize. I 8767 m a consultant and am very well informed and have been researching this issue and company for the last 7 years. I don 8767 t hold myself in the category you describe. I don 8767 t make people buy products. I educate people on the issues in the industry as a whole. I help people reduce their toxic exposure in their homes period. beautycounter products are that incredible that they basically sell themselves. I 8767 ve never had to 8775 sell 8776 a single thing. They are on the high end spectrum which doesn 8767 t make them affordable to everyone but that 8767 s what 8767 s so great about Beautycounter. They are working hard to make sure laws are changed so every company out there are forced to ban the ingredients that BC does. And should BC discover through further testing that an ingredient they are using isn 8767 t safe you bet it will be removed immediately. The sad truth is that most of the ingredients legally being used in the industry have zero safety data, so no one knows their impact on our health.
In an industry where there is *censored* data and regulation, Beautycounter and Honest Company are trying hard and are quite successful.

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Types of Products in the Marketplace
A bit of background on the skin care industry in North America. You may already
know that in North America there is *censored* to no regulation for personal care
products. The drug industry and food industry is regulated but the personal care
industry is not. This is why skin care and cosmetic companies can use any
ingredients and advertise as they like which is often misleading.
Arbonne is Swiss formulated and all of our ingredients are approved by the
European Commission and REACH. The European Commission comes under the
World Health Organization and is known to have the highest standards globally for
personal care products. REACH is a prestigious European certification commission
that DOES not certify just anyone. They will scrutinize the environmental impact,
ingredients and manufacturing standards of a company prior to certifying. Arbonne
is approved in all 8 areas which truly make our products second to none when
compared to most North American brands. Keep in mind that in Europe skin care
and personal care products are regulated and at Arbonne we adhere to those strict
standards, To get REACH certification truly puts us in a class of our own.
Products are divided into 9 categories.

9. Synthetic
Over 95 percent of North American products that are purchased off of a shelf use
synthetic chemicals from GMOs. Natural products are those products that are truly
made at home and have a life span of 6 or 7 days when stored in a fridge. YOU
cannot purchase natural products from a store. Organic products refer to the
farming practice and how ingredients were grown. To have a truly organic product
both the seed and soil should be organic. In Canada when you purchase a Certified
Organic product it simply means that 85% of the content is organic. 75% can and
will be other ingredients which may include *censored* derived ingredients orsynthetic chemicals. In the USA a certified organic label simply means only 65%
is organic and 95% other. Canada is much better than our US counterpart but still
miles away of where they should be. In fact, most organic ingredients are either
grown in organic soil or an organic seed is used which is acceptable by Canadian
standards. This is not possible in Europe. To be truly organic both the seed and
soil should be organic. Organic is thrown around so much that people truly do not
understand that organic does not mean natural. It refers to farming practices. It is a
better option than synthetic but is not void of other harmful ingredients. Anything
that is bottled cannot be natural. Finally, botanically based products such as
Arbonne are derived from plant ingredients within the plant kingdom. Botanical
based products have been proven to reduce skin reactions by 95%, by allowing the
skin to heal and continue to breathe. Products that don’t breathe create yeast and
thus fungus which may cause reactions on the skin.
As for Parabens, Arbonne has been 655% PARABEN FREE from May 7565. Any
source that claims we have parabens in our products is 655% incorrect.
Parabens come in 7 forms synthetic and naturally occurring. Strawberries have
naturally occurring parabens and if you think about the fruit that most people are
allergic to, it is in fact strawberries. Even in its natural state it is not tolerated too
well by human consumption. Synthetic parabens, which are made in a lab are
cancerous and hormone altering. They are in fact banned now in Switzerland and
thus we DO NOT have them in our products.
We truly believe in the integrity of our company and products speak for itself
along with our affiliations and certifications. The only people who can truly give
an objective and valid opinion on our products are biochemists and botanists who
test our type of products for a living along with our experts.

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